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"I get it now."

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(Sequel to the last redraw at my profile/AnubiClub!)



Next up

Hey you! Yes, you!... WE'RE BACK FOR MORE STREAMS

Join me at Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/anubiarts) in around 30 minutes, when we'll pixel some sillies!

I'll be waiting for you 👁️

i see you

please do not bend

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Under the Desert Sky~

I wanted to remaster, an older piece of mine. How did I do? Tap/swipe to see the piece I created a whole year ago in January of 2023!

if everything goes smoothly, my commissions will open again tomorrow! 3 slots for now, + two new addons

ok so things didn't go smoothly I still plan to open them this month though, so stay tuned for it

Keep Your Hands Off Digital Circus, but with the characters separate! 🎪 🌟

// #TheAmazingDigitalCircus #Art #Fanart #TADC #Pomni #Ragatha #Jax 🌈💫


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... uh huh

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More progress on the glitch samurai

a silly cat but I keep shrinking him (he was too silly, officer)

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