7 months ago

I made this song in honor of my recently dead cat. I composed it while I was crying with a lot of inner anxiety. The song is called "Lorca", which was the name of my poor kitten. I hope you like it...



Next up

Weefager will have to cross a lake and it will do it by swimming!!! Its slimy body allows it to swim through the water like a fish I hope you like this mechanic!!


Some color badges have appeared on the sticker packs!! Put charged stickers on Monodo's posts to get them If you manage to have the 3 badges, you'll get a free item from the monodo store (avatar frames, backgrounds,....)

NEW ALBUM!!! I have uploaded a new album to Spotify! It's the soundtrack of a video game I'm working on called Bendita Compostela I hope you like it very much!!!


Looking for a fun #gamedev challenge? Highrise Game Jam starts April 29 - May 5th. Check out the rules and submit a game before the deadline to win some serious CASH MONIES!

Learn all the deets: https://gamejolt.com/c/gamedev/highrisejam

Pre-order Weefager on your wishlist of Steam!!!


VERY IMPORTANT!! Do you like this song? Do you think it's catchy?

I'm practicing 3D animation!! Do you like it?

Due to lack of time and resources, Weefager's game is cancelled From now on at Monodo we are going to sell artichokes online If you want your artichoke, send me an email requesting it and I'll send it to you

NEW TRAILER: Heat and Run launches into Early Access on Steam & Gamejolt on October 13, 2022.

🎯 4vs4 online shooter game.

✨ Heroes, abilities & block building.

❤️ Wishlist now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1225790/

#trailertuesday #earlyaccess #gamedev

NEW STICKER PACK!! Now you can get Weefager emoticons by putting Charged Stickers in posts. I hope you like them a lot!!!