3 months ago

Life sized gummy game controllers



Next up

The Heart of Te Fiti - Moana

3D printed, painted in stain glass dye and clear coated with enamel.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

“The Suit” is different for each person.

Moon Knight helm, 3D printed, spray and hand painted. Eyes are see through, made from mesh and lights both from the Dollar Store.

Rounding out the crew, Lego Mega-fig!

don't make my mistake when you look at an eclipse

I’ve ventured cross country back to the tiny mining village that I’m from to see my folks. I’ve been slow replying. I did dig up these gems though, vintage Mario pin set.

My Dad was my first gaming buddy. We stayed up until 1am playing Super Marios Bros.

Did You Watch Nintendo Indie World This Morning?

Which game from the showcase are you most excited to play on Switch? Tell us in the comments!

See a list of games 🔽

Klingon Bat'leth - Star Trek

From the center for missing and exploited projects… It was completely reprinted.

3D printed, spray and hand painted. Coated in textured paint “weathered steel” as the older relic type Bat’leths. Faux leather wrapped handles.

Happy Joltidays!

3D printed, giant Lego wreath.

Our Intergalactic Party was out of this world!

This video is the next best thing to having been there.

Zelda Bomb (not real)

When you see the crack in the wall.