The Illusion of Choice

3 months ago

Me knowing this game isn’t going to release because procrastination.



Next up

Hey folks! I have a friend here who makes art of Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss characters in the form of ducks. If you like that, go check her out!

She even made different forms of my character, Yoofii, as seen in her videos. Good day.

This is the new logo for The Illusion of Choice!

Welcome back…

You look rather… different.

Thinking about something?

Thinking of making a CHOICE?!

Another experiment in Blender.

This was a no-effort sketch I did. The fridge was filled with ketchup but didn’t want to draw it good lol (Go follow @King_Quacken , who made the characters and his version of the comic!)

I just redesigned my first ever oc!

Sooo meet Lada!

Rip ):

It’s really not that simple…

You can’t go. He won’t let you. They won’t let you.

I drew Luis :3 the baddest wurtle


#MostFearedMob Warden. Isn’t it obvious?!