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crazia refrence


The Illusion of Choice is an upcoming game based on the Scratch game, Choice!

It will come out later on 2024 as a timed Game Jolt exclusive!

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Comical Shenanigans

Introducing The Illusion of Choice!

Me and a couple others are going to remake Choice! (The old version of Choice is now unlisted but will come back later lol)

This game is on hold lol cuz I donโ€™t want to work on this game rn lol

Me knowing this game isnโ€™t going to release because procrastination.

This is the new logo for The Illusion of Choice!

This game is going to be postponed till I feel like coming back to it. I got other projects to deal with rn, and I want to save the best for last.