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Best Games from Scratch Game Jam #2

Welcome to the Gandi IDE community!

Here is the community for the next generation of creators. We use Gandi IDE as a tool to code, design, and create games together.

Gandi IDE includes more features superior from the vanilla Scratch, as well as editor tools and extensions similar to TurboWarp. Gandi IDE also includes its built-in collaboration system, which means that you don’t need a browser extension to work together!

Some features or editor tools may still be missing but the development team is accepting suggestions and bug reports from other community members in our Discord server.

Gandi IDE is highly recommended for all Scratchers as the original Scratch is only targeted for little kids.

Let’s get this new community to grow.

𝑅𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑠 :

  • Be nice, respectful, and give a some sort of empathy to others; do NOT be toxic or mean.Β Remember that there are people with different personalities, perspectives, briefs, and opinions. If you are giving criticism, please be constructive about it and don't be impolite. Treat everyone as how you wanted to be treated. And if you don’t like the content shared by the author, it’s best not to say anything. Joking or trolling in a mean or offensive way is NOT tolerated; not everyone will find it amusing.

  • DO NOT STEAL ART OR OTHER CONTENT.Β Borrowing content or assets is others is tolerated but if you are doing so, you MUST credit the original author. This includes remixes from original projects.

  • No off-topic content.Β Be sure to add relevant posts to related channels.

  • Absolutely ZERO NSFW or other obscene content.

  • Do not make any serious IRL references, such as family history, hatred, harassment, sexuality, etc.


Breaking a rule once or multiple times will either get your content rejected or get you banned. The ban time will vary, depending on the severity of the violation(s) you have committed.

The easiest way to avoid the consequences is to simply go by the rules.Β That easy.

Be also sure to go over GameJolt’s Site Guidelines.

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Gandi IDE is not affiliated with Scratch, the Scratch Team, or the Scratch Foundation.

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