The Illusion of Choice

2 months ago

This is the new logo for The Illusion of Choice!

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Next up

For real!!

Me knowing this game isn’t going to release because procrastination.

#mar10 #marioday #mar10day

onward and upward!

The Witching Well

(Happy Halloween!)

My profile picture for the month of March! This is a depiction of me that is VERY VERY TIRED (basically me irl lol)

Part 2 - Japanese Style

Tsume n Blitz (Oc owned my PepperiCha)

Welcome back…

You look rather… different.

Thinking about something?

Thinking of making a CHOICE?!

It’s really not that simple…

You can’t go. He won’t let you. They won’t let you.

wip for my top supporter of March 💕