2 months ago

morpeko! *cries* look at how cute it turned out

it kind of has a retro color scheme, which was unintentionally lol



Next up

here is a super quick sketch as i am still sick, thankfully i feel a little bit better!

now i have to catch up on homework and exams. i don't feel like adding a bunch of realms/communities as this isn't like a planned out sketch, yk? lol

pika pika!

i did this in aesprite btw

quick sketch of mario to celebrate #MarioDay 🌟

Peppino Spaghet! I had a lot of fun playing Pizza Tower, I totally recommend it to anyone who likes 2D platformers.

lil poster design for pokemon! i love how the colors turned out 🌟

this was a fun practice piece tbh, i was sick for like a whole week so it was nice to just doodle and not worry about the minor details, yk?

We hosted a party during the Game Developers Conference this year and invited devs to bring their games and friends! 3,000 people showed up to the Indie Carnival by Game Jolt + Yahaha party! Woohooo

i painted my cat raichu! ♥ i still need to touch up some parts, but look at him!

okay okay so i initially wasn't going to fully render the cloud sketch but i couldn't resist lol.

do you guys want to see the timelapse of it once i finish it?

Game devs from around the world are in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference…and so is Kikkerstein!

(Kikkerstein plush by @ChrisisArt )

what should i name him? i'm playing pokemon radical red rn lol