1 year ago

quick sketch of mario to celebrate #MarioDay 🌟



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i just want to say thank you to everyone who likes my art. whether you give me charged stickers, like my posts, or make comments, i think you deserve some extra luv! *hugs* thank you so much for being here with me πŸ’–

i don't think i have posted a pic of my 3DS case that i am working on. i need to go back and work on the lines and whatnot. i like the contrast lol

a small glimpse of the art piece that will be posted tomorrow for valentine's day! πŸ’–

Have You Played Lethal Company? What's a fun story that's happened to you while playing?

here is a new sticker pack! πŸ’«πŸ°

Submission for Art Weeklies 2/9/2024. Themes chosen: A great tree and fan art of Paper Mario.

Big fan of Paper Mario, so I couldn't miss this opportunity.

It was tricky combining Petal Meadows and Boggly Woods into a single scene.

: Clip Studio Paint

happy pokemon day! #MyFavoriteMon here is a drawing of pikachu! ⭐ what's your favorite pokemon?

it's march! here is a new sticker pack! πŸ€

The internet when Chapter 5 got leaked #fortnite #familyguy #petergriffin #snake #sketch #art #artwork

silver πŸ©ΆπŸ¦” he's my favorite. but anyway, here is a drawing of silver the hedgehog! i did this quickly as i am currently babysitting, lol