1 year ago

🌧 Rainy Day 🌧



Next up

Ms. Limitte and her students

Principal Narroway

Stopper says you should halt your movement action towards him, since you do not have permission to enter the desired point of interest.

"I get it now."

(Swipe to the right to see the original pixel art!)

: Aseprite (Sequel to the last redraw at my profile/AnubiClub!)

Normally I don't share wips on a whim.

But it is wednesday so...

Here's Upsy and Dawn content for today!


When I used to play sonic adventure, the dynamic between them gave me peanuts vibes

"Not too fast, children!" #animation

A little intermission to provide Caithlin in a fancy dress!

What better day to be in Antarctica, don't you believe it?

Couldn't draw much today, so here's something from last week!

At volunteer work I'm working on a coloring book for adults, this drawing being one of the pages.