3 months ago

Raphael The Raven. Hope you like this guy, he is a funky fellow.



Next up

Final day to get your Fred stickers, Just a reminder!

just a little test, not a final rig.

Haven't made something in a while, made something before work today, second image is the same but with a neat effect I found.

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Getting somewhere...

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Still a major work in progress, but you get the idea.

Mario Model Update:

Added the Propeller Mushroom powerup, and Finished the Penguin Suit! Here they are in both Cycles and Eevee!

The goal of this model is to be a perfect mix of the game look and the promo renders.

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Testing out the poseability of the rig, it looks alright to me, I am procrastinating on binding it to Mario, because I am not very good at weight painting.