4 months ago

Secret bedroom!

Made some 1bit art & animated it!!! 🖤



Next up

A portrait, a *self* portrait!

working on a small commission for a friend, this is a wip :)

moving day, process video!

this took me so long to edit and figure out, lol so please enjoy my hard work that probably doesn’t look very hard to others! 😅❤️

Oldie but Goodie: Happy Birthday Sonic!

here's a collection of some pixel arts I've made across the years (2022-2023) about him and company. Let's speed through another year!

a fairly tiny home for a fairy 🍄

I finished this for a dear friend. I hope the love I poured into it shows through!

"Mario where is the lamb sauc--"

Work in progress of the main town for the game I’m workin’ on.

pixel art as prints??? yes!!

I ordered one of my pixel pieces from my INPRNT shop and it looks so good!

(I have a link here & in my bio if you did happen to want one✨)


do you like my hat?

Another wip of this!

not really feeling too creative, but working on this has helped me a little bit. I’m making it for a friend so it’s extra special to me!