Five Nights at Spongebob’s

1 year ago

so after the long wait five nights at spongebob's is finally here!


(also yes that image is maroon spongebob)



Next up

so i might have @DlylantiFilms to redo most if not all the art for this game since babs had some of the art together (take the camera buttons and camera names for an example) and i feel like i might do one image bigger then another when cropping them

so fnasb has a new map!

(@nightmarealex303 made this awhile back i just haven't shown it yet)

josh with luigi's hat on

(because i felt like doing this)

Congratulations to @thecatamites , Tommy Tone, and @garmentdistrict for winning The Nuovo Award at GDC 2024 with Anthology of the Killer!

You can play 9 "of the Killer" games RIGHT NOW at

so i found this edit i made a good while back of the fnas mario vector i use now-a-days but i had edited him to look like how mario does in fnas act 1

progress is being made!

she just loves "hanging" around you

(impurity but molly version)

i be cooking!

(doors are done)

Say "Hi" to Funtime Foxy!!!

so since ya'll think she looks good

ami with makeup on is now canon!