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I Beated The Main Game And Night 6

This My Returns of Five Nights at Krusty Krab fangame!!

Spongebob In The Right Door Corner: Indoooors Indoooors Indooooors Take It Away Door!

Patrick: That Door Has Beatitful Voice..

Hi Um Bud When I Go Look at Spongebob I Flash him But he Not Leaving Im Pretty Sure That Is Not a Bug

Spongebob is at your window: *Panik*

It's 5am: *No Panik*

You forgot to check the cove: *More Panik*

Story: Mr krabs decides to turn the krusty krab into spongebob’s pizzeria to make more money and has the help of sandy to makes clones of spongebob Patrick squidward and mr krabs how ever they ended up making two spongebob clones by mistake one of them being different colors and more crazy then the real spongebob squidward decides to work there as a night guard what could go wrong?

Artist: @BabsicootGames

Coder: @Fnaffan347 (me)

Pizzeria/camera map desgin: @nightmarealex303

Inspired by the five nights at sonic’s series

Fnas creator: @TheCyVap

Fnas owner: @SmilerFurcifer

Fnaf by: @realscawthon

Spongebob by: Stephen hillenburg Nick & Paramount Global

#Spongebob #fnasb #fnaf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed


so i decided to switch @BabsicootGames role for the redone/recoding version (or whatever you wanna call it) from coder to artist and if anyone is curious here's what the office will look like

So something happened I didn’t expect @BabsicootGames asked me if she could code five nights at spongebob’s so she’s gonna be the coder for this game

thinking about redoing this game

version 1.0.6 of fnasb is here

-fix game not saving when you click on new game

-fixed spongebob not killing you when you run out of power