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2 months ago

The GJ Awards will be presented on January 31st. 🏆 Soon we'll find out which creators and creations won the vote for 2022!

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Jolters to Watch 2023

We 💚 your creations! Check these out: ⭐ Illustrations by @Snartles ⭐ Cakes by @zoesfancycakes ⭐ Pixel art by @Kanomi13 & @Efe69888 ⭐ Minecraft builds by @paintergigi

Who are you watching this year? Tag them in the comments!

Did You Miss Yesterday's Livestream with @CaketasticCakes ? Jen used a single cake to create BOTH stages of @terraria 's Eye of Cthulhu! 🤯

Time to livestream from new Realms! You can now go live from any Realm on Game Jolt. You can also tag a Realm when going live from your homepage. Visit a Realm to see who's streaming!

Jolters to Watch 2023 ⚡

Make sure to follow these game developers this year: @Nukefist , @danimarti , @MattHughsonGames , @amolio and @yhsper !

Who else should we keep our eyes on in 2023? 👀 Comment and tag them!

Peppino Spaghet! I had a lot of fun playing Pizza Tower, I totally recommend it to anyone who likes 2D platformers.

Set up Game Jolt’s Indie Carnival party with us in San Francisco!

Game devs from around the world are in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference…and so is Kikkerstein!

(Kikkerstein plush by @ChrisisArt )

Jolters to Watch 2023 ⚡

Keep your eyes on 3D art from @magnaomega , @Iizuku, @Distant-Dimensions , @Whaleshark and @Los_Lolos !

Who are you keeping your eyes on this year? 👀 Tag a talented Jolter in the comments!