Bad Boro
1 year ago

Try the Bad Boro beta! We're looking for feedback on our combat mechanics. Join our discord to play: https://discord.com/invite/kx775yS



Next up

Bad Boro will be featuring at the SXSW Sydney Indie Games Showcase, October 18-22, 2023!!

Sometimes stealth.. uhh.. pays off

Can't enjoy a nice run down the platform without getting accosted by the local kids..

Ayy! Make a game and win prizes over at c/gamedev! Head over now to read the deetz! Hosted by https://gamejolt.com/c/gamedev/grandjam

The demo is ready...

🚀 The Grand Game Jam Has Begun! 🚀

This your chance to have a game featured in a daily worldwide high score contest!

Learn how all the deets (including how to enter): https://gamejolt.com/c/gamedev/grandjam

That's gotta hurt

Trying out the new bounce attack. Join our discord to play the closed beta before it closes!

...aaaand that's a wrap!!!

Great job everyone, we loved seeing your awesome submissions! The Winner will be announced on March 4th!

If you had trouble submitting your game, don't worry--send us an email over at [email protected]. Good luck!

Quick trailer for the updated cufflink combos coming soon