2 months ago

Under the Desert Sky~

I wanted to remaster, an older piece of mine. How did I do? Tap/swipe to see the piece I created a whole year ago in January of 2023!



Next up

Making a sticker sheet for irl to sell at the convention, this is what I came up with.

feesh pirates

I finished this vtuber model!

Quite proud of it! I watched the debut of the stream and it made my heart so happy seeing it in action & how happy my the streamer was. 🥹

This is why supporting real artists is important! Human connection!

"I get it now."

(Swipe to the right to see the original pixel art!)

: Aseprite (Sequel to the last redraw at my profile/AnubiClub!)

She’s the main character (of the game I sometimes work on!)

Keep Your Hands Off Digital Circus, but with the characters separate! 🎪 🌟

// #TheAmazingDigitalCircus #Art #Fanart #TADC #Pomni #Ragatha #Jax 🌈💫

a laughing vtuber model for someone :)

I’ve really loved making portraits lately!

Captn Bubs, short for Bubbles, is putting together a feesh crew.

From left to right: Captn Bubs, Rough ‘em Up Rudy, and Giselle.

This was just a doodle, and now I’m world building and making lore

Feel free to make suggestions on characters & lore

Submission for Art Weeklies 4/5/2024. Theme chosen: Elements of Nature.

... I literally just threw this together, 'cause I panicked when I realized I hadn't made anything for the last themes. LOL Started in greyscale to paint faster.

: Clip Studio Paint

So I literally got sick again last week… lol and I had no sick leave! but it’s okay. It wasn’t as bad as last time.

Now I can escape the hell that was being tired all the time 😭 and it’s almost spring I’m so happy! lmk how you’re doing :)