Post about Chickens!

I've lost nearly 100 likes because I had to block someone who was a friend, but they turned a bit rude. We can make those likes back tho, right? :D

Who wants to play with me in rec room? My username is, believe it or not; Sweaty_Tom765LT.

Send a friend request and I'll accept it when I'm online later!

I think this guy Is stealing fanart. Recently he uploaded a Fortnite fanart with a signature that doesnt correspond to his username. If anybody knows Who really posted the art please tell me.

@KniteBlargh ... are you a kitty? or are you a government spy made to turn into a cyborg killing machine when the world begins to collapse?...

some questions are better off left unanswered, for the sake of humanity...

Felt like doing some pixel-art and i was listening to "Electroman Adventures" by WaterFlame so... (

Electroman Adventures
Spotify: https://www.newg...