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This channel is to be used specifically for ban appeals. If you have been permanently banned from the game, you can make a request to get unbanned.

Read inside for clarification on our rules and ban system.


Hello, it's me, again. I thought I had to wait for you to unban me but nothing happened

I have been banned simply for using exagear instead of a PC, I used exagear since I don't have a PC but for some reason all the accounts I create get banned as soon as I try to login

Accounts: nicomago51, nicomago52

hello i got banned for 27 years for hacking i did hack but i didnt mean any harm my account name is my username pls unban me i wont do it again i thought it did say that if you mean no harm its ok

Hello, well what happens is that 1 or 2 years ago my account was banned, because my younger brother hacked the statistics of his account, I was also banned for that reason, I not use hacks, I know, it sounds stupid.

My username: Kaisen