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HP is speculation, some may be true, some may be not!

Waterfall, Hotland and Dark World

psst, do you want some more enemy STATS according to their CHECKs?

[ Hell yeah! Hell yeah! ]

good to know! these ones are from Snowdin

Hey DF people!

so, i noticed enemy STATS visibly change (as in when you use CHECK on them) based on emotion, so i decided to document it for fun

here are the STATS from the enemies in the ruins (don't fully trust the HP i put there, it can be wrong)

Hello, can you help me play please, I'm on Android and I don't have a PC but it tells me that I need one. Please help me!

Guide for new side quests, i haven't found any so imma post it here

All Side Quests | DF CONNECTED v2.7.6c
THIS VIDEO IS VALID ONLY FOR VERSION 2.7.6c AND BELOWGame: songs:Beneath The Scarlet Leaves: https://soundcl...