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Brazillian Funk is trash 😎

I'm surprised that even without rules
this community managed to be a good place
when me and @DetetiveRobson made this community
we had no idea how much this would grow
unfortunately we both got tired of the community
and we ended up leaving it


Ambient music improv from when i first got my synth (late 2023) and used it as a midi controller for a while until i bought a TRS cable. Excuse my bad playing skills at the time, I reckon this was day 3 of owning it.

done using xfer serum


PlayStation 6 Startup and Background Concept with GTA V pause menu music.

Created by: @Joker_Mazer231_Official

I made some new songs, they can be used in any game, just as long as you ask for permission and give credit.

β€” Mr. Speed (Could also be used in a boss fight)…

β€” Spy (Could be used as a theme)…

Pixel Wild - DTXN1 (Official Music Video) 🎡
β–² Avalible on Spotify: β–Ό 26.3.β–² Avalible on Apple Music: β–Ό 26.3.β–² Avalible on Shazam: β–Ό 26.3.β–² Avalible on Soundcloud: β–Ό 26.3.β–² Avalible on MIX Cloud: β–Ό http...