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Koopa Clown Car. Not new, but makes me smile. This is made with a check out isle figure, cheap USB personal fan, 3D printed cup, packing foam, and the magnet from a car transmission. Spray and hand painted several years ago. Now chillin on the fridge.


not in my eyes

My Mob Psycho 100 √ó Pokemon AU!

Lore below!

#pokemon #scarletandviolet #mobpsycho100 #mp100

Another spookified Pokemon I did awhile back!

This one is Wingull. Mostly charcoal pencils. Style inspired by Stephen Gammell (of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark fame).

Positive comments are fine, but no critiques, please! Thanks! ^w^

It's official: the AI has spoken and is casting me as Chris Pratt as Mario.