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What is the Best role to play in valorants newest map Sunset with update 7.05?

SUNSET // Official Map Trailer - VALORANT
Welcome to Los Angeles.Peel back the KINGDOM curtain for a look at Sunset: a vibrant new map set right in Gekko’s stomping grounds.-Made in partnership with ...
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Happy 1st of the month! Since it's August we're excited for FNaF's 9th anniversary! and for fans of Valorant we're excited for Champions!

I told my older son I'd make him a very small chocolate cake. what should it look like? (he's into league of legends, valorant, etc). But not too hard! i dont want to go crazy here - lol

I need some advice from anyone tech savy, please! We are having profile-specific lags and glitches with Valorant. Please see article for full issue.... and thanks :)

I just unlocked gekko!! I cant wait to play him!