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Robo Dude Pilot

Character Reveal

Meet Sam/Sami

A badass college student who is trying to get through the day

You can see him in the upcoming

Robo Dude Pilot

Coming Soon

selling the babies

each of them costs 5 USD payment via paypal

1 open
2 open
3 open
4 open
5 closed x
6 open
7 open
8 open
9 open
10 closed x
11 open
12 open

If you’re a comic book lover (or know someone who is), here’s a Christmas gift idea!! I wrote and illustrated these!

Hey guys!

I'm participating in a contest on instagram! If you could leave a little like on this post it would mean a lot

(I'll post this illustration in a better quality here later o/)

Voxel Art - Ginko (Mushishi)

[Commissions Open]

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