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Meta knight is a very cool guy number 176 of the 365 days challenge I'm doing comment the next build I should do #365buildChallenge commented by


#kirbysticker bet if this gets to 50 likes or more likes gamejolt makes it a thing

I have Kirby and the forgotten land but it’s the demo


Gameplay Of Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards! I downloaded an emulator called Nintendo 64 Emulator PRO and i downloaded the Rom of kirby 64.

Do you want a tutorial of how to download it?

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Good games you can get for Nintendo switch

Got KRtDL today. Been loving it!

Hello!! Some time ago I made cover of Kirby, I just wanted to share here and know their opinion if is posible.

I hope you enjoy!…

kirby's boppin to music

fun fact: sping breeze is a remake of kirbys dreamland