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My favorite video game of all time was robocop, it was most likely developed by data east & released on arcades back then it was a 2d action shooting platform game with amazing graphics and incredible audio and music quality.


My most recent video (it's epic :D)


(I have also uploaded heaps of other videos in the past few weeks so feel free to check those if if you enjoy this)

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Kid Soldier PC advance 4 in Stage 4 Japanese Military Defense based Gameplay #Kidsoldier #heathcliff #Videogames #Crossover #thecatillaccats #actiongames

Kid Soldier PCA 4 gameplay Stage 4-1 Japan stage
Gameplay of Kid Soldier PC advance 4 in Stage 4 Japanese Military Defense based Gameplay for development. Follow Twitter.https://twitter.com/TakeshiGamesLtdD...
Kid Soldier PCA 4 gameplay Kid Valitant
Kid Valiant the Swedish mega soldiera happy go lucky boy who hits hard on his trouble making enemies.https://kidsoldierpca4.blogspot.com/Follow on:https://tw...

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(Read in the article)