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Dude the songs slap holy shit I love the vocals and everything its MMMMM


*grabs flashlight*
Time to go down the basement.

Canceled? 🤨🤔

Game Soundtrack

2 songs

In the middle of the night, your girlfriend hears some noises coming from the basement. You both go to check it out and find a mysterious egg.

I wonder what's in it...?

Basement Beatdown is a mod for Friday Night Funkin' where you rap battle Game Jolt's most mysterious character, The Basement Monster, from the 2020-2021 Halloween Event. The mod includes 1 week with 3 songs, plus some hidden ones as well.

The Team Members:

@ThirdTimeLucky - Director, Artist, Animator

@TeraLyte - Musician, Artist, Animator

@GWebDev - Programmer

@ElSlidy (TheEbic) - Musician, Artist

@adrielinz - Charter

CreativeLimeYT - Musician

HealthyDoesStuff - Artist

AndrewYT - Artist

Huge thanks to @DSO for doing the voice for the Monster!



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The official Friday night Funkin': BASEMENT BEATDOWN modpage is finally here!!

We can't wait to show you what's in store for this mod in the foreseeable future!