What do you think?

Hmmm... Curious to see what it will be °- °

Nice game


The neon effect gives off 80's feels for me; I'll stick around 'til it's release.

Just beware, if you do play the HTML version. Your game might crash if you beat night 1.



You are the owner of Buddy Puppytons Pizza Palace. Since it has recently just opened and no one wants to work as a night guard, you will have to yourself. While working on the animatronics Buddy, Wolfie, and Fortune, you found a "bug" of some sort and had forgot to fix it. You didn't know that the bug could be the end of your life.



@GameBoxStudios - Everything else

@PokoGame - Concepts and Ideas

@realscawthon - Owner of FNAF

#fangame #horror #survival #pointnclick #fnaf #2D

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Should I update this game?

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So, before I release the update for FNAP 1. Should I quickly get a phone guy/girl for the game? The game has literally no sounds besides footsteps and stuff. I will be fixing that also, don't worry.

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There is going to be a MAJOR update on this game for anyone who cares. I sure don't care, but I hate how bad this game is.

Should I make another game even though FNAP was terrible, like maybe a second FNAP? If so, the second one will be better. (I think I overdid it with the food on the sign, but it shows how there aren't any limitations in my opinion)

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Should I make a book about FNAP?

And if so, should I make it a comic book or a chapter book with no pictures?

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