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What do you think?

Hmmm... Curious to see what it will be °- °

Bro game doesnt load add a loading bar

I managed to beat Night 1 and I love this game!


The neon effect gives off 80's feels for me; I'll stick around 'til it's release.

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Would you rather see a FNAP 1 remake or FNAP 2?

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I just finished the release for FNAP 1. It was weird working on the game again, but it's out. New mechanics, the door and flash now take up power, etc. Enjoy!

I was looking back into the game, and supposedly when your power hits 0, you're supposed to get jumpscared by Buddy, which is unsurprising, but I never checked if it actually worked, and when I did check this time, his jumpscare is bugged. Check article

Should I update this game? I'm going to fix: When shutting the door you don't lose power, I forgot if the flashlight makes you lose power as well, i'm going to add more mechanics, some kind of system to make you look at cams, etc. You vote.

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I've been thinking about remaking this game entirely after FNAP 2. Should I? It'd have more lore, just it'll be a better version of what it once was.

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