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Will Miss Chalice Be In The Game

hey fnaffan 347

Hey could I help beta test it’s fine if not

Story: after cuphead and mugman defeat chef saltbaker and he turns a new leaf cuphead and mugman get very popular for saving the town twice so cuphead has the idea to make a coffee place for there fans to see them but since they had there normal lives they could be there but cuphead has the idea to make clones of them with the help of dr kahl so they do that and cuphead’s cafe opens up what could go wrong!

Artist: @Fnaffan347 (me)

Coder: @Fnaffan347 (me)

Pizzeria/camera map desgin: @nightmarealex303

Inspired by the Five Nights at Sonic’s series

Fnas creator and clone idea: @TheCyVap

Fnas owner: @PyroRapidFox

Cuphead owned by: studio Mdhr

Mario owned by: nintendo

Sonic owned by: sega and sonic team

Fnaf by: @realscawthon

#Cuphead #Fnach #fnaf

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Realistic Bloodshed

this game is dead for now because i dont really wanna work on it anymore and because the ideas i putt into the game have been transferred over to five nights at spongebob's which go follow that instead

link to fnasb:

I kinda feel like this game is dead since the ideas I’ve had for it are getting transferred over to five nights at spongebob’s

watch your back... (teaser)

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