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mario want a spaguete

Can I be a phone guy? If there is

Mama Mia


@Fnaffan347 reavel the next character

Story: Mario decides to get help from E.Gadd to make clones akin to how Gooigi to help against Bowser, but they end up simply getting in the way As a result, E.Gadd, wanting a return on his investment with the clones, makes a restaurant with them as the stars however, since they were made for fighting, they kinda try to kill you as a result at night, when less effort is made to suppress this

artist: @Fnaffan347 (me)

coder: @Fnaffan347 (me)

pizzeria/camera map desgin: @nightmarealex303

Inspired by the Five Nights at Sonic’s series

fnas creator and clone idea: @TheCyVap

fnas owner: @PyroRapidFox

mario owned by Nintendo

fnaf by: @realscawthon

#mario #fangame #fnaf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language

imagine if mario's music box when your power runs out if it was all stars (smash mouth) lol

camera UI sneak peak

the redone office!

so this is what the office looks like but im thinking about redoing it

work in progress office