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What do you think?

Maybe you can add more sonics?

Wait, if you mean many locations, does this mean angel island too?

this game looks cool and all, but why paint 3d?

What boss fights should we include?

This Sonic Fan game will take place on a time rift. Featuring many locations from many Sonic games. Let us know what you would like to see in this game. This fan game is currently in development.

The plot...

Eggman has discovered Rift Energy, with it he splits reality... now Sonic must travel through time and dimensions to stop Eggman and his other dimension twins...

#fangame #sonic

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Reference
Suggestive Themes
Mild Language
Crass Humor

By BigStinkyFrog

He gives you a little taste of our game's OST:


Ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog - His World Remix
This is a remix of His World for the Sonic fan game Ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog.The fan game is being developed by TeamVision

Dark Gaia rising


I have decided to make the game smaller scale and also to expand my team, looking for recruits! I want to make this a smaller scale game so I can make the thing I really want to make which is a fan film.

Thank you for your support!


I am thinking about changing this game into an animated film project due to how ambitious it is to even pull off with such few people in my team.

But what do you guys think?

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Yea I'm probably gonna include fronteirs in Ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog

#sonicfrontiers #StayULTIMATE