What do you think?

That icon looks like a dick with black balls

Might wanna change that thumbnail...


hey man i was looking at my game page and fixing some stuff on it then i saw this game in the recommended list

mine is getting really cool this game looking in the trailers you made and put on youtube is getting too much especially the finished boss

(the part of him dropping the avocado kernel and his reaction 😳XD)

I can't wait when to launch this game

I even made a fanart of the character together with my character


I wish all of your team more success for your game. ;)

i'm excited for this game

This looks FANTASTIC! I would love to recreate some sprites and POSSIBLY some music!

"Bananarang: The Scattered Shards" is the most unique 2D platformer you'll ever play.

This game isn't your average "get to the flagpole" sidescroller- it's an action-packed collectathon with a heavy focus on exploration and new ideas!

In each standard level, you'll explore a free-roam area, with the goal to find and collect 30 scattered shards! You may have to solve a small puzzle, use a special power-up, or complete a platforming challenge to gain access to some shards!

At the end of every world, there's a boss level- with humorous hand-crafted cutscenes, hilarious and memorable characters, and unique fun battles!



Based off of a concept by: @FuntimeWeb

Programming by: @FormulaFanboyFFIB

Spritework by: @FormulaFanboyFFIB

Level design by: @FormulaFanboyFFIB

Game design by: @FormulaFanboyFFIB

Soundtrack by: @FuntimeWeb and @FormulaFanboyFFIB

Marketing material by: @FormulaFanboyFFIB

Mild Fantasy Violence
Comical Shenanigans

To be clear, this game will not be uploaded to this page (which is only remaining up for archival purposes).

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Thank you :)


#Bananarang #TheScatteredShards releases next month! If you can spare a minute, you'll LOVE this preview!!

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To everyone who followed this game and remembers it, it's releasing next month!! Please check out the trailer and follow the NEW page on

@Lonaisdead, thanks so much for being the 100th follower of "Bananarang: The Scattered Shards"!!! And please stay tuned, as the game is estimated to release sometime in 2022! :)

Surprise! The first ever Game Jolt: Super Showcase presentation brought with it an all-new trailer for "Bananarang: The Scattered Shards"! Check out this puzzle-platformer's first official trailer!