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Community Poll!

Many of you have asked for some sort of single-player content on our channels for over 6 months, so please take the chance to shape our story - even if you prefer our online multiplayer game mode - and vote!



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Hi! I've made a quick review of 3 notable changes in Feudums' April and May updates - at least one of them is a biggie!

We also attended #Tacticon2023, where we became the most popular upcoming #grandstrategy #4X title, which truly left me speechless!

I've made a brief visual overview of the 5 most important changes in Feudums' February and March updates.

Also added a sneak peek of one of our new original music tracks.

Happy #screenshotsaturday!

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Happy #screenshotsaturday! Sometimes you play not to win but to make it easier next time. Forge your destiny - and your noble house - through an arc of games while competing against thousands of players!

Work-in-progress with playable multiplayer builds!

Ayy! Make a game and win prizes over at c/gamedev! Head over now to read the deetz! Hosted by

Diplomacy has been recently added to the latest test build. Players can now sign treaties about various topics (incl. resources, sight, trade or border agreements).

In-game chat is now also persistent.

Grab the build for free!


🚀 The Grand Game Jam Has Begun! 🚀

This your chance to have a game featured in a daily worldwide high score contest!

Learn how all the deets (including how to enter):

The work of the last weeks is slowly coming together in a demo update - planned for the 2nd half of next week.

This will include a basic in-game tutorial- with limited content, but continuously updated - and a host of other features.

Stay tuned!

Happy #screenshotsaturday!

A new update to Feudums "not-a-demo" dev preview build is out!

Where Crusader Kings' setting meets indie, the 90s vibe of TBS games and multiplayer. Sounds strange enough to make you curious? Then follow & wishlist us on Steam!

...aaaand that's a wrap!!!

Great job everyone, we loved seeing your awesome submissions! The Winner will be announced on March 4th!

If you had trouble submitting your game, don't worry--send us an email over at [email protected]. Good luck!

Tired of Zoom meetings? Then try Feudums and zoom in and out in a completely different way!

Feudums is an in-development, indie #medieval #strategy/#simulation game with P2P vassalage, modding & community-driven narrative.

Happy #screenshotsaturday !