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Mme. Zadoroadowna, Inquisitor of Her Eminence is now complete!

Светланфёдрна, Инквизитор Её Всевладычества готова!

Світланфедірна, Інквізитор Її Всеволодарності готова!

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Many of you have asked for some sort of single-player content on our channels for over 6 months, so please take the chance to shape our story - even if you prefer our online multiplayer game mode - and vote!

made an infinite corridor today for a bit of scene design practice, would you find out what lurks at the end?



I live in Canada, Ontario.

Is it snowing where you are? :o

❤️🌹You can wishlist the game on Steam through the link tree in my bio! It is immensely appreciated!…

Look at Kikimora's new moves! I made them myself, unlike the animations for Oka, which I downloaded from Mixamo.

I truly hope they're ghastly and unsettling. What do you say?

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