4 months ago

Diplomacy has been recently added to the latest test build. Players can now sign treaties about various topics (incl. resources, sight, trade or border agreements).

In-game chat is now also persistent.

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Next up

We have recently updated our dev-diary demo, adding a bunch of bugfixes & <drumroll> , the first look at the in-game guide! I hope you'll find it useful!

Enjoy your weekend!

DL & changelog: (incl. direct, steam & itchio)

Happy #screenshotsaturday! Sometimes you play not to win but to make it easier next time. Forge your destiny - and your noble house - through an arc of games while competing against thousands of players!

Work-in-progress with playable multiplayer builds!

Happy #screenshotsaturday!

A new update to Feudums "not-a-demo" dev preview build is out!

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Ayy! Make a game and win prizes over at c/gamedev! Head over now to read the deetz! Hosted by

If a game ever gets as bad as what's depicted in this vid, I wouldn't blame someone for rage quitting! Hopefully, it never gets to that point in any of your games!

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Public Alpha Testing for Claustrophobic Nights has started + Proximity Chat Added!

[Devlog Post]

Hi! I've made a quick review of 3 notable changes in Feudums' April and May updates - at least one of them is a biggie!

We also attended #Tacticon2023, where we became the most popular upcoming #grandstrategy #4X title, which truly left me speechless!

There's never a dull moment in Feudums. Build, raid, plant, battle, starve... start over.

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