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2 months ago

Don't forget to vote for your favorite creators and creations to be honored with GJ Awards! 🏆

Here's how 🔽

Place your vote for each category below using the polls in our GJ Awards channel!

  • Goofiest Gameplay Streamer

  • Scaredy Cat of the Year

  • High-Speed Headshot of the Year

  • Game of the Year

  • Fangame of the Year

  • Most Wholesome

  • Meme Master

  • Pixel Art Prodigy

  • Minecraft Builder Extraordinaire

  • Cringiest of the Cringe

  • Based Beyond Belief

  • Roblox Dev/Team of the Year

  • Fangame Dev of the Year

  • Wackiest Creator of the Year

  • Dandiest Doodler

  • Most Likely to Make You Laugh

  • World's Biggest Pokéfan

  • Richest Robloxian

  • Online at All Times

  • Chattiest Chatter

  • Fan Artist of the Year

  • Eye-Catching Art Style

  • Grooviest Tunes

⭐ Learn more about the GJ Awards and our nominees here.

⭐ Place your votes by 12pm UTC on January 23rd.

⭐ GJ award winners will be announced on January 31st!

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Peppino Spaghet! I had a lot of fun playing Pizza Tower, I totally recommend it to anyone who likes 2D platformers.

Game Jolt staff where?

The GJ Awards will be presented on January 31st. 🏆 Soon we'll find out which creators and creations won the vote for 2022!