1 month ago

For day 456 of coding, I have included the card placements in the setting for which side the player and the dealer will play from



Next up

My favorite turtle


For day 496 of coding, I am current attempting to have an exit placed randomly on level start. It does need some refinement so that it will always show up

For day 490 of coding, I have allowed mouse interaction for during the split hand. Later, I will have mouse interaction for the split game's end

Happy #WIPWednesday!

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For day 494 of coding; I finished the rest of Heartbeast's second video on random level generation, which covered movement refinement and drawing shadows with a new draw surface

The sprites used are made by Heartbeast

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Learn the rules here: https://gamejolt.com/c/gamedev/highrisejam

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For this week's piece, I have redone my piece from 10 weeks ago

It's just a little touch-up, but it definitely improved the piece significantly

For day 495 of coding, I have refined the code provided from Heartbeast's tutorial to have the player spawn in an open area. Still needs some adjustments, but the spawning has greatly improved

Highrise Game Jam Reminder: In order to enter to win the Jam, your game must be created in Unity and submitted using the Highrise Studio Hub.

Learn all the deets about the jam at https://gamejolt.com/c/gamedev/highrisejam

For day 491 of coding, I have managed to apply the mouse interaction to the rest of the split game