Design in GameMaker

Share your creations!

You are all incredible artists! I'll make sure your drawings are in the game. Thank you very much for participating!! and congratulations to the winners :D

Finally, the winner of the Weefager contest and best design goes to... @Genehen !!!! It is incredible how beautiful is the Weefager you have made. It gives me an incredible desire to cuddle him!! Congratulations!! :D

The award for most faithful interpretation of Weefager goes to @JANGOMANGO . Congratulations!!! I loved your drawing :D

I had to create 3 categories to establish the winners of the drawing Weefager contest. You are all incredible artists and it has been very difficult for me to choose a winner!!

I've fixed the special stickers you get when putting charged stickers on monodo posts! I hope you like them :D