Quest of Onzo

1 year ago

I'll make the server public and start choosing volunteers for beta testing once the game reaches 30 followers. But until then we'll have to wait.

And I'll need to work pretty hard.

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Next up

The background theme of Banished Crypt, where every traitor meets their pathetic fate.

(Volume warning. I guess I forgot to adjust the mastering.)

Wanna listen to the full version? Why not check the game's page then?

Meme of the day.

Why use a simple fire staff when you have MORE powerful options?

I revamped the entrance of the dungeon. Now you can see roots hanging from the ceiling and the bones of wizards thrown here before you. Lovely!

Enjoy this fully animated and epic menu.

Update on Toilet Night's development

(still can't believe I'm posting an update on a joke game)

Sentinel and Onzo concept sketch I drew while I was at school.

Toilet jumpscare.