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Neeko is a shape-shifting champion from League of Legends. She loves games and has a jovial personality. Senior narrative writer Matt Dunn confirmed that Neeko is a lesbian in 2018 (which is also the year she was added to the game.)

Sonic's birthday is almost here!

Check your quest log on June 21st to start the celebration!

(His birthday is the 23rd, but our party starts early.)

Bloodhound from Apex Legends is one of the greatest game hunters the Frontier has ever seen. After the death of their lover, Bloodhound vowed to win enough victories that they can enter Valhalla. Respawn confirmed Bloodhound is non-binary in 2021.

Bomber gijinka doodle

Nocturne, the quartermaster of Shar's cloister, is canonically trans.

She's part of why GLAAD calls Baldur's Gate 3 a game that doesn't just welcome queer people but "embraces us and weaves our stories throughout the vibrant and dynamic world it crafts."

Tonight's The Homies VC session

Happy #WIPWednesday!

Are you working on a game? A song? Something else? Tell us in the comments!

Our third Pride Month quest has gone live!

Accept the quest and decorate for Pride by placing 30 stickers on posts that use Game Jolt's Pride backgrounds.

You can also support The Trevor Project by picking up some of our Pride collectibles in the Shop!

In keeping with all of my Kirby art, here’s #MyAnimatronic

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