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When I think about bats in gaming history, Zubat and Batton Bone are the characters that first jump to mind. They’re just so iconic. #BatNight

I voted for Sonic and Sans in #SMBRound3 so I sketched a parody of the Sonic & Knuckles logo!

(I think Freddy will beat Sans but just wanted to make the vote more interesting since I like both.)

Happy Video Games Day! #MyFavoriteGame right now is Baldur's Gate 3.

In one of my current playthroughs, I'm a Githyanki Paladin/Warlock multiclass who's an Acolyte.

In the other, I'm playing a Gnome Warlock who's a Charlatan. (You can see him in the pic.)

Today is Roblox's 17th anniversary!

Complete our Roblox-inspired quests to earn Roblox backgrounds and Roblox sticker packs!

Check your Quest Log for more info!

That's not all. The Roblox sticker pack has rotated back into the Shop!

I recently went to a gallery opening and they had art by Brendan Hodges that was made using Super Nintendo controllers!

Couldn't be more proud of you Jolters. Your support for the Trevor Project WILL save lives. Even though it's no longer June, we've still got SO MUCH PRIDE! Please hug and support the LGBTQ+ community on--but also--off Game Jolt! You all are magic!

One of #MyFavoriteGamingMerch is this Mew figure a friend bought me in Japan!

Here’s my #FridayBlast art!

"Mario where is the lamb sauc--"

This Barbie is a Toad. #BarbieArt