1 year ago

Mario Planter

Made from Walmart check out isle Mario figures, a schedule 40 PVC T, a simple plastic planter cup, and a small sheet of PETG to cleanly hide the cup.

It has been spray painted.



Next up

Speaking of flowers, life size Lego flowers!

3D printed, no paint.

I’ve ventured cross country back to the tiny mining village that I’m from to see my folks. I’ve been slow replying. I did dig up these gems though, vintage Mario pin set.

My Dad was my first gaming buddy. We stayed up until 1am playing Super Marios Bros.

This year my family lost a few members. During a family gathering, my Mom showed me a pic of a rose she thought was beautiful and mournful. It was black and gloomy art for her folk art style. I tried making it a real thing, for my family.

3D printed.

Creators have taken over the SHOP!

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🎮 Console & Gadgets Collectibles Are Here! 🎮

This collection includes stickers, backgrounds, and avatar frames inspired by our favorite tech.

You can see them all in the article!

Klingon Bat'leth - Star Trek

From the center for missing and exploited projects… It was completely reprinted.

3D printed, spray and hand painted. Coated in textured paint “weathered steel” as the older relic type Bat’leths. Faux leather wrapped handles.

Rounding out the crew, Lego Mega-fig!

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My Master Sword is finished. I am still assembling a costume. Link needs a tunic for starters. The ears are ok but not great. More to come there.