Bad Boro

1 year ago

More Graffiti assets that you'll find in Bad Boro!

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Next up

Getting hopped up on beet broth before a fight really helps with.. uh.. recovery

The demo is ready...

Can't enjoy a nice run down the platform without getting accosted by the local kids..

An Overview of Uni-City (OC content)

Trying out the new bounce attack. Join our discord to play the closed beta before it closes!

fried egg

That's gotta hurt

!! Only 2 weeks left to help beta test the demo !!

Join here:

Break room window.

I wish this is what I saw out my window everyday instead of a parking lot.

I hope in time we can learn so much more about space. I’m terrified of it (theory of relativity esp) but, I WANT to know. What’s out there???

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