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Drew another flower vase today!

(May color this one later, the walls are a bit empty)

Hi, I'm ClapRose! Hobbyist cartoonist and gamer at heart And of course, also a Game Jolt Creator! Check the article for more info about me And feel free to support if you like what I do!

Mermaid Shantae!

Pot from @MONODO 's Weefager! Feel free to check out the game!

My creator shop is open! It contains some avatar frames for your profile to stand out - It's epic, isn't it? gamejolt.com/@heavenly-roads/shop

Drew some sketches

I should draw my OCs more often

My #MinecraftMemory would be...

Wandering in the biomes in creative mode for hours, back when I was in therapy.

It's fascinating how the world generation creates such lively environments, it's like sightseeing.

The Witching Well

(Happy Halloween!)

I like flowers a normal amount