Challenges in Digital Art! ✨

Imagination does big and great things!

You should love Hedgehog now, Or else! (#HedgehogDay)

#challenge #sonic #Tails the rat.

lol that shonen anime pose is like that cose Tails was holding some gadget implied to activate the other two ones on his tails.

but then i tought: Tails would better do an inalambric one

OH MY! TIME IS TICKING!! #CSAC is ending at 11:59PM EST TODAY!

for anyone wanting to submit or polish anything, now is the time!

Best of luck! Excited to see who's gonna win!

Link to a #dtiys from before knowing how to add communities. Semirealistic attempt.…

#WIP #tails the rat. thing of swaping sonic character species/races Im doing. Comment here or the other ones wich idea yu have. There is already, #Sonic the hawk, shadow the rabitt n Silver the peacock.

Already considering #Knuckles the wolf.