Moderators in Digital Art! ✨

Just use your imagination and make big things!

Dear Digital Art community, please hear me... If you still do this anyway even after you read this post, I don't know what to do, it will just end up... Being nothing but a waste.


The channel "Masterpieces" has been replaced by "Funny Art". There's a maximum of 20 channels in the community, so...

This new channel will have much more use. Read the article for more information.

Oh well, I forgot to say something important, just in case.

This is related to the Speedpaints channel in Digital Art community and its usage issue.

Well it's nice to participate as a moderator of this community. Thanks @Jusebe :)

Anyways, I'm not ready for QnA's so I'm going to explore about this community deeper than ever

In this community you only have one mod xD

(Read the article)