Moderators in Digital Art! ✨

Share your imagination with the world!

Well I know this was a month ago but, Digital Art was created 3 years ago. With @Fer3xF , we did a great community, nowadays the second biggest art community at GJ

Then, the Photoshop Community and now we are the Digital Art Community✨

Thnx 4 all everyone

It's done, the AI content is banned from the Digital Art community also the "It's not mine but I like it" channel was removed too

We are trying to do this community better and we need your help avoiding this type of content here

keep creative

Ok so the channel "Made by AI" will be removed from the Digital Art Community, but from now every post that contains AI content like drawings or anything else will be removed from the community

As the recent poll on Moderator channel remains active, it is mandatory that you DON'T post AI generated images in the channel, let alone anywhere of the community. Any new posts in the channel will be instantly ejected.

I know it's been a while since the last post here, the other mods and me were talking about do Digital Art Community better and we need your help with something (read the article)

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