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#GJAsks So you expect me to tell you what my favorite VG soundtrack is?

I listen to those on daily basis so I can't afford to choose one, so I made a poll with my top 10!

Feel free to pick a favorite from the list, and tell me why ;3

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Should i Reupload Some of my Old Drawings?

  19 votes Voting finished

Which next FNaS: FF "II!" Sticker do you want me to remaster?

#FNaSFF #FierceForces #ImagineIt #Horror #Poll

  33 votes Voting finished

Last frame of one of the creepiest jumpscare.

Even if terrifying to see it, who would you choose?

#FNaSFF #FierceForces #FNaSWM #WideriseMingleverse #Horror #Poll

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Hey. Just a question in meantime.
As you saw my arts from few months before and currently...

Do you like overall my FNaF, FNaS and Sonic focused content?

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