doodlesss in goofy ahh art hell hole

im in your walls ;)

Doodle lol

im just gonna use it as my pfp cuz lazy

Demonic oc!

Named sunzruno (nickname sunzo)

Rackblox oc art of old women and a crazy dude.

Me when my Roblox avatar is goofy

Haha meet the artist

also yes I wear glasses because my eyesight is dog shit

(i clip my bangs up when im home lol. when im outside or at school i let down my bangs xd)

The drawing itself (๑╹ω╹๑ )


Drew a random guy on a paper and colored +shaded on digital (・∀・)

p.s this is my first time posting a speedpaint video- (;´д`)

Cashire cat theory