Opera GX Game Jam

Welcome to the Opera GX Game Jam!

Create a game for the 'No Internet' page in the Opera GX browser based on a the theme: UFO using GameMaker Studio 2

Become a part of Internet history by creating the most engaging HTML5 endless game for Opera GX and win cash rewards of $10K USD (Grand Prize), $7k USD (Runner Up) and $3k USD (Third Place)!

Become the hero we need by entertaining over 9 million gamers during those unexpected offline moments!

The Opera GX Game Jam will be open for submissions from the 29th of July, where you, - yes you! - the greatest game designer ever will have 2 weeks to create and submit your game.  For the duration of the Opera GX Game Jam, we will provide all participants with a free HTML5 license. Access the license here!


  • Grand Prize - $10,000 USD for the Grand Prize winner + your game on Opera GX's 'No Internet' page

  • Runner Up - $7,000 USD for the Runner Up

  • Third Place - $3,000 USD for Third Place

The best game will also receive expert development support from the YoYo Games team, before being unleashed within the Opera GX desktop browser.

The best games will be played and reviewed by PolyMars and Bricky on their YouTube channels!


Opera and YoYo Games staff will play through each of the games and present their favorites to a panel of expert judges. The judges will play and pick 4 games to present to the community to vote and decide on the final winners.

August 14-September 5th: Opera, YoYo Games and the panel of judges will select the top 8 games.

September 8th-15th: Public voting! Vote on your favorite of the 8 games to pick the final 3 winning games.

Winners will be announced after some admin following voting closed (We need to ensure that those in the top 3 are eligible and approved to win etc. Thanks for your patience)

NOTE: We have extended voting due to the huge volume of amazing games!

The expert jury includes:

  • Maciej Kocemba (Opera GX Product Director)

  • Russell Kay (GameMaker Studio 2 CTO)

  • Yaprak DeCarmine (Game Jolt co-founder and CEO)

  • GameMaker game creators:

    • Johan Vinet (Canari Games - LUNARK),

    • David Galindo (AKA chubigans - Cook, Serve Delicious!)

    • dietzribi (Toodee and Topdee)

Judging criteria:

  • Gameplay - How fun was the game to play? Did it have that 'one more go' factor?

  • Creativity & Theme - Was the theme approached in a creative way? Was the story behind the game interesting?

  • Visuals - Does it look pretty? Is it consistent and cohesive with the theme and sounds?


Please read and accept the official rules prior to participation as only those that have accepted the rules will be eligible to win the prizes.

Read Official Rules


  1. The game must incorporate the UFO theme.

  2. The game must be an HTML5 game made using GameMaker Studio 2.

  3. Submissions start on July 29th at Midnight and end on August 13th at 11:59PM (Pacific Time). Upload your game here

  4. While we strive to make the competition available for as many creators as possible, there may be local rules that prevent participation so please read the Official Rules first.

  5. Collaborations and group efforts are welcome! You can find people looking to team up in the Help channel.

  6. You may add images and descriptions to your Game Jolt game page anytime!

  7. Be cool. No racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious prejudice, or other forms of hate. No personal attacks. No pornographic content. Nothing illegal.

Game Format:

  1. The game should be playable on HTML5 (click HERE to get a free HTML5 license for the jam).

  2. The game should be around 5MB or smaller.

  3. The game should be playable offline (no remote data loading!).

  4. The game should have a high score counter.

  5. The game should be available to play in an endless mode.

  6. The game should have local multiplayer OR be designed to easily include local multiplayer.

  7. The game and all of its visual aspects should be made during the jam development period.

  8. You can use pre-made music and sound assets (as long as you have permission or a license).

  9. Your game must be free.

  10. You must own the IP. No fan games!

Please see our Technical Guide To The Rules for any help with the above rules.

Feel free to squash those bugs and polish your build after the voting period has concluded.

Upload your game to Game Jolt and submit it here!


GET ACCESS TO A FREE HTML5 EXPORT FOR GMS2 (available for the duration of the Jam)

Technical Guide To The Rules

Setting Up HTML5

Debugging HTML5

Using "PNGCrush" Pragma To Compress Your Assets

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