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Что на счёт прогресса:

1.Изменил немного картинку из меню

2.Добавил больше пасхалок и скримеров

3.Добавил дополнительные комнаты

Hey guys, I want to let you know that I'm no longer sick and Hammer FRED! is no longer on hold.

(Second image is censored because it has my actual name in it)

Finally, the Height map generation works (read how to)

UPDATE: On Vol. 1

- Powerline microgame, sub-collision from the spark's mask.

- Menu screen added "Vol."

Yesterday I had a really dumb bug. Not a bug I did, one in gamemaker(1.4)

I use a lot of temporary arrays, but you have to trick GM to do so

You can't do: var _tAr[0] = x;

But: var _tAr = -1; _tAr[0] = x;

You also have to _tAr = -1; before changing them